Security product – Car Blackbox ‘VisionDrive’


- Video Recording: Normal mode (normal driving view recording) / Event mode (In the case of an impact, save 5sec before and after impact)

- Voice Recording 

- GPS Data writing: Position (Longitude, Latitude, could trace via Google maps), Date/ Time, Speed/Distance

- G-sensor data writing: Impacts on the X-Y-Z axes of the vehicle

- Multi function analysis software (VD Analyzer)


Functions: Playback impact/ accident video with time, place, speed information, Report about accident or event, Zoom in/out of image, Setting of Blackbox configuration

- Accessory

CAR3- Usage: Public transportation (Police, Military, School bus), Transportation service vehicle (Truck, Bus, Taxi, Rent car), Insurance companies (Help to reduce around 15~20% accident rate)